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Explore China – The North East

A further tour of natural wonderlands, different cultures and food, and some significant historical events. An Unesco volcanic geopark, wetlands bird sanctuary, Siberian Tigers, and the Korean border spiritual Changbai Mountain. International influences – Russian, the Qing dynasty Manchu origins, the Pu Yi puppet Manchuguo headquarters, Japanese conquest, and the northern fringes of the Korea/USA war. This tour takes us to the farthest north NZCFS has ever delivered a tour in China, to 49 degrees north in Heilongjiang. But do not worry, we will start there in early September to dodge the onset of the extreme winter! Here, the Unesco Global Geopark of Wudalianchi is a volcanic wonderland, with five lakes formed in the lava rock, set in an area of very northern forest and Russian influences. Travel through Qiqihar, near the north-east border with Inner Mongolia, where we will visit a wetlands area and the red-neck stork habitat, then stop in Harbin for the beautiful capital sites. Explore the Russian architecture in Central Street and St Sofia Church, that brings the Russian history to life, visit Stalin Park, and the extensive Siberian Tiger Park. Lament that we did not come in winter for the Ice Festival! Moving South, Jilin Province gives us time on Changbai Shan, the mountain on the border of North Korea, and in the capital Changchun, where we will visit the Manchu State puppet headquarters created briefly by the exiled Last Emperor Pu Yi and the Japanese invaders. South to Liaoning, the capital city of Shenyang, and to Dandong. This is on again on the border of North Korea, which can be viewed across the Yalu River, the northern most point of the US-Korean war. The long connection for New Zealanders is that it is here that our godwits fly every southern winter. Travel to the southernmost city of Liaoning of Dalian Take the train to Tianjin, eat the famous Goubuli steamed buns of Tianjin in Guwenhua ancient culture street. Other sites unique to Tianjin, then to Beijing to round off the trip.

Key Locations:

  • Helongjiang Province – Harbin, Qiqihar, Wudalianchi Volcanic Geopark
  • Jilin Province – Changchun Manchuguo puppet state, Changbai Mountain
  • Liaoning Province – Shenyang, Dandong, Dalian
  • Tianjin, Beijing

Download Itinerary (PDF)

All Dates To Be Confirmed

Day 1

Arriving in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province
• city sites to be arranged depending on arrival time

Day 2

City sites in Harbin
• Siberian Tigers Park
• Wander alongside the Songhua River

Day 3

Bus to Qiqihar(4hrs)
• Zhalong National Nature Reserve, a major wetland habitat for red-crowned cranes and other wildlife.
• Bukui mosque, Chinese style architecture more typical of mosques in Eastern China.

Day 4

Bus to Wudalianchi(3hrs)
• Heihe Huoshao Mountain & Lava Ice Cave
Wudalianchi Global Geopark: a large scenic area that is composed of five big linked lakes, extraordinary volcanic landforms and some other natural and cultural landscapes.

Day 5

More visit in Wudalianchi Global Geopark
• Longmen Stone Village: Blocky Lava Flow
• the Northern and Southern Cold Mineral Springs Sight-seeing Area

Day 6

Bus to Harbin(4hrs)
• St. Sofia Church
• Central Street, Russian architectural style
• Stalin Park

Day 7

Train to Changchun(10:08-11:28), Jilin province
• Manchu Imperial Palace where the last emperor of China Puyi lived for 13 years
• Badabu: 8 department offices of Manchu puppet state
• Cultural Square

Day 8

Bus to Changbai Mountains (4-5hrs), overnight in the town.
• Jingyuetan Forest Park, we will take the golf car along the reservoir.
• Bus to the mountain as the border of China and DPRK after lunch (4-5hrs)
Or leave to the morning, relaxing and exploring some sites in the town where the mountains locate, such as Nature Museum.

Day 9

Visit the mountain(west part)

Day 10

• More visit of the mountain(north part)
• Soft-berth train to Shenyang, (19:05-08:25) ,capital city of Liaoning province

Day 11

• Former Palace before Qing government settled the capital in Beijing
• Marshal Office of Zhang family: the warlord leaders in NE China in 1920s

Day 12

City sites in Shenyang
• World Horticultural Exposition, once the site of Shenyang botanical garden
• “9.18” (September 18) Historical Museum, depicting Japanese conquest and occupation of the North-east.
• Zhongjie pedestrian street

Day 13

Train to Dandong(10:02-11:30), or bus(3.5hrs)
• Broken bridge on Yalu River, a witness of the war to resist U.S. and aid Korea
• Hushan Great Wall, the east end of the Great Wall of Ming dynasty, can see North Korean villages and people’s life on the other side of the river

Day 14

Train to Dalian(09:41-12:10), or bus(4hrs)
• Bangchui Island

Day 15

City sites in Dalian
• Baiyu hill to have a panoramic view of the city and visit the naval armory
• Naval port park
• Xinghai Square, Binhai Road, Beida qiao:also called long-lasting love bridge, etc.

Day 16

Train to Tianjin:10:06-14:18, one of the 4 municipalities of China
• Check in the hotel
• Ancient cultural street and dinner there, eat famous Tianjin originated Goubuli steamed buns.
• Cruise for night views(50min)

Day 17

City sites in Tianjin
• Morning exercise: strolling in Wudadao: thousands of European-style buildings, mainly as the former residences of celebrities in 1920s.
• Cifangzi: a French-style house decorated by porcelain
• Shijizhong Square
• Dagukou Fort Ruins Museum

Day 18

• Shi’s Grand Mansion: one of the best preserved large-scale civil building complexes in North China
Train to Beijing : 14:35-15:07
• Check into the hotel in downtown Beijing

Day 19

City sites to be arranged : include Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City,
Song Qingling Former residence and museum, drum tower, hutongs

Day 20

City sites to be arrange: Great Wall, Summer Palace

Day 21

Departure: return to New Zealand

Click here for the full itinerary document (PDF)

  • Return international travel from your NZ hometown
  • Twin share accommodation
  • 4 star hotels or best available
  • All in-China costs
  • All meals – enjoy a range of regional food experiences
  • Travel – flights, bullet trains, coach
  • Entrance fees, at least one performance

* Visa application and travel insurances not included

$8250 (estimated)

Duration: 21 days
From: 06/09/2020
To: 26/09/2020

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