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Now available: The NZCFS NZ Heroes in China Tour

We are proud to make available the NZCFS NZ Heroes in China Tour, previously known as the NZCFS Rewi Alley and Kathleen Hall Heritage tour, originally planned for March or September, the new tour will take place in October 2023. Learn more.

About the tour:

2021 was the 125th anniversary of Kathleen Hall’s birth. 2022 was Rewi Alley’s 125th. The focus is to visit heritage sites of both Kathleen Hall and Rewi Alley, and organise some official/semi-official meetings with partners of their heritage in China. The plan includes activity like English corner with students in Gansu, Youxie support for forums on Rewi Alley and Kathleen Hall, meet Kathleen Hall scholars, all to be confirmed. Along the way there will be a number of historical, cultural and scenic sites of interest. Underlying all will be a diverse and authentic food experience of the regions! And to have FUN!

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