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Ice and Tropics Tour 2020

One of the most common questions we receive at NZCFS Tours is “when are we going to go to the Ice and Light Festival in Harbin?” The answer is February 2020!

Immediately after the two golden weeks of Spring Festival holidays, NZCFS will go to Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, to enjoy the ice sculptures. By day, the International Ice sculpture festival on Sun Island, and the Ice Lantern Art Fair. At night, the illuminated Ice and Snow World of buildings constructed from ice.

Explore the Russian architecture in Central Street typified by St Sofia Church that brings the Russian history to life, visit Stalin Park, visit the extensive Siberian Tiger Park.

Temperatures down to -20, so you will need an extra pair of socks!

For the survivors, fly for more than 5 hours as far south as possible in China to Sanya, Hainan Island. Relax on white sand under the shade of coconut palms, even swim in the sea! Five days in and around Sanya including tropical forest Parks, ethnic minority heritage villages, Buddhism and culture. An opportunity will be made available to enjoy a health spa and gain an experience of traditional Chinese medicines, acupuncture and massage. This island is tropical, but the temperatures in late February will be a pleasant cool, rather than tropical.

Then to Guangxi Guilin, famed for its water and karst limestone beauty. Cruise down the Li River, relax in Yangshuo, go north for an overnight stay in the terraced rice hillside villages of Longji, and stay in the Zhuang village guest houses.

Continue an efficient circuit by bus through Sanjiang Dong village to Liuzhou. Visit the unique “Strange rock” museum, a fascinating collection of rock formations of interest to geologists as well general visitors. Back to Guilin, then a final stop in Hong Kong to explore this often passed through city. Hong Kong and a day trip by ferry and new bridge to Macao before flying home to tell all your friends and family about your many amazing experiences.

Key Locations:

  • Harbin Ice Festival
  • Hainan Island
  • Guangxi
  • Hong Kong

Download Itinerary (PDF)

All Dates To Be Confirmed

Day 1

Arrive in Harbin, Heilongjiang province (flight)

– Depart from New Zealand on 12/2, arriving in Harbin on 13/2
(to be confirmed)

– Transfer to the hotel, rest and city activities depending on the
arrival time

Day 2

– Bus to Sun Island to see the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo

– Siberian Tiger Park

– Around 16:00 PM, move to visit the Ice and Snow World–an interesting site that operates each night and features illuminated sculptures and replicas of full size buildings made from ice.

Day 3

– St. Sofia Church: largest Orthodox Church in the Far East

– Free walk along the Central Street to know more about Harbin’s history, culture and Russian influenced architecture, then visit Stalin Park alongside the frozen Songhua River.

– Late afternoon, we will transfer to nearby Zhaolin Park to watch the Ice Lantern Art Fair.

Day 4

Fly to Sanya 5-6 hours and check into hotel. Those not taking the Harbin Ice Festival option will join us here for the rest of the tour.

Day 5

– Visit Binglanggu Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park(2-3hrs):
With rich intangible cultural heritages and tropical landscapes, it is acclaimed as a living fossil that manifests fully the culture of
Hainan Island.

– Visit Yanuoda Rainforest

Day 6

Whole day exploring Yalong Bay Tropic Paradise Forest Park and enjoy the beach

Day 7

Whole day exploring Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone for Nanshan Buddhism Monastery, 108-metre (354 ft) statue of the bodhisattva Guanyin, Vegetarian food, etc.

Day 8

– Deer Turning Head Park (Luhuitou Park) –located on the top of the hill with 275m above sea level, having a bird-eye view of the whole city, may enjoy sunrise here.

– Sanya Romance Park: a large theme park with Li and Miao Minorities villages, Old Street, Snacks Square, the highlight is an indoor performance, lasting about 1 hour.

Day 9

Fly Sanya to Guilin (12:45-14:15, to be confirmed). We will spend the next 9 days exploring the scenic beauty and ethnic minority cultures of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

– City activities depending on arrival time:

– Reed Flute Cave

– Elephant Trunk Hill

– Jinjiang Ming dynasty Palace, Solitary Beauty Peak

Day 10

Guilin – Yangshuo cruise down Li River

– Check out after breakfast, drive to the cruise pier and Boat, boarding at 9:20am.

– 14:30 arrive in Yangshuo, free afternoon in West Street Evening show –Zhang Yimou’s famous show on water “Impression of Liusanjie”

Day 11

A day of flexible activities. Fuli Ancient Town for free wandering and having a look how to make fans. Or flexible activities like coach for some scenic spots or cycling on the country roads through the paddy fields

Day 12

We will do a circuit by coach from Yangshuo to Longji to Sanjiang to Liuzhou and back to Guilin.

– Yangshuo to Longji (Dragon Backbone) Terraced field (3hrs) by coach)

– Transfer to scenic area shuttle bus, walk to Ping’an village and stay overnight in a Zhuang minority Villa

Day 13


– More exploration in the village, transferring back to the tourist center of the Terraced Field and catch our coach to Sanjiang county, Liuzhou city(1.5hrs)

– Visiting Chengyang Bazhai Scenic Area. There are several ancient villages of the Dong minority and green hills and trees around the villages. Besides the villages, you can also see the famous Chengyang Bridge and other attractions, and enjoy the performances of local minorities and join their activities.

Day 14

Sanjing–Liuzhou (coach)

– Transferring to Shuanglong Gully Scenic Area (2hrs). There are 400 hectares of primitive forest in this scenic area and several waterfalls. The two streams in the gully of the forest are like two dragons, hence called Shuanglong (Two-Dragon) Gully Scenic Area.(2-3hrs).Continue to Liuzhou to check in the hotel (2hrs)

Day 15

Activities in Liuzhou

– Rock Museum, the largest museum of strange rocks in China. A fantastic collection of different rock types and structures, like a sculpture arts exhibition , of great interest for the geologists as well.

– Temple & Tomb of Liu Zongyuan, was built in memory of Liu Zongyuan, a great scholar in the Tang dynasty. The East City Gate in this park is a good place for you to appreciate the scenery of Liujiang River. Five-Star Pedestrian Street, is the center of Liuzhou’s entertainment, shopping, and culture.

Day 16

Liuzhou—Guilin (coach)

– Early start to Zhongdu Ancient Town (2hrs). The ancient city gates, walls, and stores still well preserved(1h)

– Xiaoqiao National Karst Geopark. It’s regarded as the epitome and the natural geological museum of China’s karst landform.(2-3hrs). Continue to Guilin to check in the hotel (2hrs)

Day 17

Guilin–Hongkong(bullet train)

– Free morning in Guilin or some city activities

– Bullet train to Hongkong(13:38-16:54)

– Transferring to the hotel and free till dinner

– The Peak Tower, having an bird’s eye view of Victoria Harbor

Day 18

Activities in Hongkong

– Visit the Lantau Island. When we arrive, we take Ngong Ping Cable. Car connects Tung Chung and Ngong Ping.

– Visit Polin Monastery which is known as the Buddhist Kingdom in the South, Po Lin Monastery is the most popular Buddhist temple in HK,

– Ngong Ping Village

Day 19

Hongkong–Macao—Hongkong by ferry or on new bridge

– Visit Ruins of Saint Paul Church, which refer to the façade of what was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640 and the ruins of St. Paul’s College.

– Visit Mount Fortress and Senado Square.

– Visit Largo do Senado, Macau Tower & Colina da Penha Back to Hongkong, or stay overnight depending on international flight to New Zealand from Hong Kong Airport.

Day 20

Depart for New Zealand

Click here for the full itinerary document (PDF)

  • International flights
  • In-china travel
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Entry tickets

* Visa application and travel insurances not included

$7,950 – $9,250
including and excluding Harbin

Duration: 21 days
From: 12/02/2020
To: 4/03/2020

Experience the real China with Dave Bromwich.

Dave Bromwich has been designing and taking tours to China for more than a decade. His over 50 visits have taken him to every province and his knowledge of the country are clear in these specialty tours. Unlike many commercial tours currently available, Dave’s NZCFS quality tours provide depth, engagement, culture, scenic wonders, history and unforgettable experiences.

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