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Long March and 20th Century History Tour POSTPONED

Offered in the year of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, this tour is a commemorative exploration of the significance of the Long March and other aspects in twentieth century history that had significant impact on the path to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

As well as visiting sites of historical significance along the Long March Route, we will also enjoy amazing scenic wonders, cultural performances, and food typical of the region.

We bypass the early origins of the Long March – the fragmented escape out of Jiangxi – and pick up the journey in Guangxi, and travel through Guizhou, Sichuan and Shaanxi to the Communist Party base established in Yan’an, northern Shaanxi. Sites of battles, conferences and actual pathways walked will all add understanding to the events that unfolded throughout the Long March.

Other elements that add appreciation to the society of the time are:
• A visit to Landlord Liu’s mansion, which houses an exhibition of sculptures in the Rent Collectors Courtyard that depict the hardships and bitterness of this late era of landlordism encountered on the Long March
• A visit to the Cave Factories in Baoji, that Rewi Alley provided advice on the construction, which hid factories from overhead Japanese bombing raids. This site has now been preserved and renovated as a commemoration of the achievement of this project.
• The Xi’an Incident is explored both at the site where Chiang Kaishek was kidnapped, and at the museum depicting the historical significance of this event.

More ancient history from the Zhou dynasty through to the Qing is included in Baoji, part of the Wei River valley where settled Chinese civilisation started, and Maiji Shan, a Unesco World Heritage site depicting 12 centuries of Buddhist carvings and frescoes comparable to the more famous Dunhuang.

Scenically, there is the famous Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo; Hailuogou Glacier on 7550 masl (metres above sea level) Mt Gongga in Ganzi, and Siguniang Mountain in Aba, both in Sichuan. Our route following the Long March passes by these two scenic wonders. Picturesque old towns and villages are at every turn of our tour, traditional homes to a diverse range of ethnic minority groups.

We will enjoy several performances. These include the very famous Impresssions of Liu Sanjie in Yangshuo, a Sichuan performance that includes Face Changing and a historical musical play depicting the Long March in Yan’an.

No NZCFS Tour would be complete without seeking the most accessible of all cultural experiences: the foods typical of the regions. From Beer fish in Yangshuo to Sichuan hotpot in Chengdu, and many other specialities on the way, culinary experience is an important feature of our tours. We also pride ourselves in accommodating all dietary requirements and tastes for every tour member.

Due to the global pandemic, we cannot guarantee this tour will be able to take place. However it is one year from time of posting, and we are optimistic that we will travel. Enquiry and expressions of interest are sought, with no commitment from either party at this stage.

Key Locations:

  • Guangxi – Guilin, Yangshuo, Xing’an
  • Guizhou – Zunyi, Gouba, Moutai
  • Sichuan – Chengdu
    • Ganzi – Luding, Moxi, Hailuogou glacier
    • Aba – Danba, Mt Siguniang
  • Shaanxi – Yan’an, Baoji, Xi’an
  • Gansu – day trip to Maiji Shan

Download Itinerary (PDF)

All Dates To Be Confirmed

Day 1

Arrive Guilin light activities depending on arrival time. Former Office of Eighth Route Army to organize underground activities in 1930s, city lakes and sites. Stay in Guilin

Day 2

Cruise Li River: Guilin–Yangshuo(4hrs). Relax in West Street, cycle into the lush countryside for rural visit; night show: Impressions of Liu San Jie. Stay in Yangshuo

Day 3

Yangshuo Park; Coach: Yangshuo–Xing’an county(2.5hrs), walk down Water Street and visit Lingqu canal & irrigation project with over 2000 years’ history. Stay in Xing’an

Day 4

City sites in Xing’an: Red Army Old Street – Ming & Qing architecture; Memorial exhibition of Xiangjiang War (in 1934; The Long March arrived by Xiangjiang River, attacked by 300,000 KMT army, finally the Red Army continued marching with the number reduced from 86,000 to 30,000 ); Red Army Hall, the command post of Xiangjiang War, walk for 1-2 km on Long March route. Stay in Xing’an

Day 5

Coach:Xing’an — Guilin(1.5hrs); Bullet train: Guilin–Zunyi (11:52–15:03). Site of Zunyi Conference (turning point of Long March & CPC) . Stay in Zunyi

Day 6

Coach: Zunyi–Loushanguan–Gouba(2.5hrs). Loushanguan Scenic spot: an important pass to connect Sichuan and Guizhou, the first big victory won by the Red Army during the Long March; Gouba Conference: after a series of conferences including the Gouba Confer- ence, Mao’s leadership was confirmed and consolidated in CCP and Long March; Walk the Mao Zedong Path in the evening . Stay in Gouba

Day 7

Coach: Gouba–Maotai(1h); Maotai Chinese Liquor Cultural Exhibition Halls; Maotai Ferry to commemorate Red Army crossing Chishui River & 1915 Square (Maotai liquor is said to be due to the unique and pure water of the Chishui River); Memorial Hall of Red Army crossing Chishui River. Maotai town night views , stay in Maotai.

Day 8

Coach: Maotai–Zunyi(2hrs); bullet train: Zunyi–Chengdu (12:22-15:25).Sichuan Mask-changing opera after dinner. Stay in Chengdu

Day 9

City sites in Chengdu. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding; Wide & Narrow Alleys; People’s Park – pass the time of day sitting on bamboo chairs for a cup of tea; shopping in a supermarket as an experience. Sample Sichuan Hot Pot. A relaxing day, stay in Chengdu.

Day 10

Coach: Chengdu–Luding–Moxi(5hrs). Luding Bridge (in 1935, the Red Army crawled on the bridge under a hail of bullets, to get across the Dadu River); Moxi Cathedral & Memorial Hall of Long March. Stay in Moxi

Day 11

Coach: Moxi–Danba(5hrs).
Whole morning exploring Hailuogou(Whelk Gully) Glacier on the slopes of 7550masl Gongga Shan. Afternoon travel to Danba.

Day 12

Coach: Danba–Jiaju Tibetan village(1hr)–Mt.Siguniang (Four Girls)(3hrs). Spend the whole morning exploring Jiaju Tibetan village, then travel to visit the memorial monument to commemorate where the 4th Front Red Army joined the 1 st Army in in Dawei, on the way to Siguniang town.

Day 13

Whole day exploring the scenic splendor of Mt. Siguniang area, the Eastern Alps, with peaks over 6,000 masl. Stay in Siguniang town

Day 14

Coach: Mt.Siguniang–Landlord Liu’s Mansion–Chengdu(5.5-6hrs); Overnight train: Chengdu–Yan’an(22:05-12:11). On the way back to Chengdu visit Rent Collectors Courtyard at Landlord Liu’s Mansion to view an exhibition of statues that depict the harsh conditions that peasants faced in the landlord era leading up to liberation. Later, take an
overnight train: Chengdu–Yan’an(22:05-12:11)

Day 15

City tour in Yan’an. Check in the hotel, relax and refresh for a while, then visit Baota Shan (pagoda hill) for a panoramic overview of Yan’an

Day 16

Day tour in Yan’an. Visit 3 sites where the late Chairman Mao lived and worked with his comrades from 1937-1948. We will see caves which were used as houses and offices. We also visit a museum presenting aspects of the Long March—weapons, farming tools used by the Red Army, and pictures reflecting life during that period. In the evening attend a historical stage play. Stay in Yan’an

Day 17

Coach: Yan’an–Baoji(5.5hrs). City activities in Baoji , visit the Baoji Bronze Ware Museum with an extensive collection of Zhou dynasty (11th C to 226 BC) bronze artefacts, Stay in Baoji

Day 18

Day trip to Maiji Shan, a Unesco World Heritage Site featuring well preserved Buddhist carvings and frescoes begun 1600 year ago, and stretching over 12 dynasties. Stay in Baoji

Day 19

Morning, visit the cave factories constructed in 1940-1; then by coach to Xi’an. In Xi’an, visit the Big Goose Pagoda and Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City. Stay in Xi’an

Day 20

Visit Terracotta soldiers, and Huaqing Palace where Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kaishek) was kidnapped in the Xi’an Incident. Back in Xi’an, visit Muslim market. Stay in Xi’an

Day 21

City sites in Xi’an, including Eighth Route Army Office Museum, Memorial Hall of Xi’an Incident, City Wall . Farewell banquet . Stay in Xi’an

Day 22

Depart for New Zealand, travel itinerary to be confirmed.

Click here for the full itinerary document (PDF)

  • International flights
  • In-china travel costs
  • Accommodation
  • All meals – enjoy a diversity of regional food experiences
  • Entry tickets

* Visa and travel insurance costs not included

$8,250 (est.)

Duration: 22 days
From: Sept. 2021 (TBC)

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